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Dangerous Optometric Laser Surgery Bill Introduced in Ohio

On June 29, Senator Jerry Cirino with the support of the Ohio Optometric Association introduced SB 129 in the Ohio Senate. This legislation would allow Ohio optometrists to do the following...


We Need Your Help to Challenge CGS Proposal to Make MIGS Investigational

The OOS is concerned that CGS’ proposed policy states that the following MIGS procedures are considered investigational in patients over age 18 for glaucoma management—submit your comments by July 29th!


What is Global Surgery? And Applying Modifiers 25, 57 and 24

One of the biggest conundrums in Ophthalmology concerns global surgery and what this all means when providing related procedures, bilateral procedures and incidental care after a procedure.


Play Hard. Don’t Blink (SuperSpecs) Grant Renewed

We are pleased to report that this program (PHDB) has been funded for another year by the Ohio Department of Health’s Save Our Sight Fund!


Optometry Laser Surgery Bill to be Introduced in Ohio

On March 6, members of the OOS Board met with leadership from the Ohio Optometric Association to discuss the forthcoming optometry scope of practice legislation in Ohio. We will need the help of every OOS member to advocate for our profession and patients moving forward. Here's what you can do...


Advocacy Update

In addition to the pending optometric laser surgery bill, there is additional activity at the state level impacting ophthalmology practices—including a significant proposed increase in Medicaid reimbursement for physicians, the prior authorization "Gold Card" reform, and new telehealth rules now effective.


2023 OOS Annual Meeting Recap

Our meeting on Feb. 25 was a great success. We had almost 400 physicians, technicians and nurses in attendance and a sold-out exhibit hall. Two Ohio Ophthalmological Society Professional Service Awards were presented this year to Dr. Bernard Perla and Dr. John Kunesh. The OOS is grateful for their years of dedication and service and ask all members to join us in thanking and congratulating them.


Interprofessional Consultants & Alternative Delivery Methods for Care

More and more health care is provided in non-traditional ways—with the public health emergency telehealth and telephone services being accepted, the increase of EMR medical records, and there is now coding for digital evaluations. There are also codes for care provided without direct patient involvement. These changes include the Interprofessional consultations between health care providers.


State Announces Partnership to Provide COVID-19 Testing Assistance for Ohioans Who are Blind or Have Low Vision

The Ohio Department of Health and Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities recently announced their partnership with Be My Eyes and Accessible Pharmacy Services to offer a solution for Ohioans who are blind or have low vision in self-administering COVID-19 tests.


2023 OOS Annual Meeting Registration is Open!

Registration is open for the Feb. 25, 2023 OOS Annual Meeting at the Hilton Columbus at Easton.


Recent Advocacy Report

Get the latest State of Ohio and Federal activity and take action to push Congress to pass legislation before the end of the year that would avert significant cuts to the Medicare fee schedule.


E/M Changes for 2023 and How They Impact Ophthalmology

Most of you may have heard that there are changes in the E/M documentation and coding process for 2023 for the E/M codes (99202 through all the E/M codes) not the vision codes (92002-92014 codes). For the outpatient care codes with the 99201-99215 codes, where most of your care takes place, the changes are minor. For physicians who provide support in the inpatient settings, nursing homes or in other facilities, the process that was initiated in 2021 for documenting care on appropriate level of history and exam with medical decision making or total time of clinical activities for an identified date will be the process for all E/M care in 2023.


The Ohio Amblyope Registry is Here to Help!

Do you have any patients that are undergoing patching therapy for amblyopia treatment? See what The Ohio Amblyope Registry can provide...


Ohio Medicaid Announces Delay in Launch of Fiscal Intermediary & New Managed Care Plans

Many OOS members have been impacted by recent changes in the Medicaid program announced earlier this year. While the Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) has moved forward with implementation of OhioRISE, Single Pharmacy Benefit Manager (SPBM) and Centralized Credentialing, there are now delays in other transitions originally scheduled to take place on Dec. 1 that impact how claims are filed and new managed care companies.


Your Well-being Checkup And Referral Engagement Service

August 1, 2022 – The need for well-being support has never been higher, and the OSMA Foundation is supporting Ohio's healthcare workforce with a way to measure factors like personal anxiety, depression and burnout and connect with credible resources who can help.