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Play Hard. Don’t Blink (SuperSpecs) Grant Renewed


We are pleased to report that the Play Hard. Don’t Blink Program (PHDB) has been funded for another year by the Ohio Department of Health’s Save Our Sight Fund!


For the past 23 years, the PHDB program has provided sports, recreational, vocational and other eye safety equipment to young Ohioans across the state.

Each year, OOS provides thousands of pieces of equipment including baseball and softball helmets and fielder face shields, prescription goggles and vocational school face protection and educational modules to partners such as the 4-H and girl scouts.

The Save Our Sight fund is supported by Ohioans voluntary donations during the vehicle registration process each year. The OOS looks forward to continuing to protect the vision of young Ohioans at school, on the court and fields and during volunteer activities. 


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