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Superspecs Eye Safety Program Update


So many great things are happening at Superspecs!  Since July we have distributed over 20,000 pieces of protective equipment to leagues, teams, schools, clubs and individuals throughout Ohio.  In addition, we have been working with 4-H of Ohio and the Girl Scouts of Ohio's Heartland to pilot two new eye safety programs that we will be launching in 2022.  

The 4-H of Ohio's program will promote the use of protective eyewear and educate their 14,000 members on the importance of wearing the gear. 4-H members range in age between 5-18. Materials will include a video and materials for a 5-minute eye safety presentation that all 3,500 Safety Officers will share at their home club meetings. Topics covered will include general eye safety facts about the importance of sports eye safety; eye safety in the workplace and at home; what protection is available and how to choose the right protection; and what to do in case of an eye injury.

To date, Superspecs provides 81 4-H clubs across 81 Ohio counties with safety goggles for use in their shooting programs.  We are working to expand our distribution in 2022.
The Girl Scouts of Ohio's Heartland (GSOH) program is centered around an eye safety troop meeting with the youngest members, the Daisies, grades K-1. GSOH serves 10,000 girls and 31 counties in Ohio. The meeting program materials will include a video, fun troop activities in which the Daisies will have the chance to wear protective eyewear, games and educational materials for the scout members, troop leaders and parents. Upon completion each participating member will take home their own pair of safety goggles and receive a Superspecs badge to sew on their uniform. Our hope is that we will eventually have several different levels of this program to serve the diverse age groups that participate and engage the other troops in the remaining 57 counties.  

Below is the Superspecs Girl Scouts badge that troop members will earn:

SuperSpecs badge 

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