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Technician/Nurse Handouts

2019 Annual Meeting - Technician/Nurse Program Handouts

Thank you again for registering for the Ohio Ophthalmological Society Annual Technician/Nurse education meeting on Saturday, Feb. 23, 2019 at the Hilton Easton in Columbus.  

To minimize our environmental impact and avoid increasing registration fees, print copies of the speaker slides are provided here for you to view, save or print and bring with you. These will NOT be printed and distributed at the meeting.

If there is no link to the session title, then handouts are not available at this time.  We appreciate your support of this effort.



Session 1A - Corneal Diseases - Dr. Krespan

Session 1B:  Ocular Oncology, Samuel Gallo, MD

Session 1C:  Ocular Complications from Cosmetic Procedures, Richard Erdey, MD



Session 2A:  Trabeculectomy Lite, Megan Chambers, MD

Session 2B - Gene Therapy - Dr. Ohr

Session 2C - Equipment Maintenance - Jeff Hunter COT



Session 3A - The Latest in Refractive Surgery - Dr. Kelley

Session 3B - Pediatric Ophthalmology Pearls - Dr. Jordan

Session 3C:  Medical Mariijuana: It's the law in Ohio, Reginald Fields, MA



Session 4A - Glaucoma and Cornea Treatments - Dr. Kaswinkel

Session 4B:  Glaucoma Therapeutics and New Drug Update, Karl Pappa, MD

Session 4C - Do's and Don'ts in the Era of Electronic Health Records - Michelle Pineda MBA



Session 5A - MIGS Dr. Goulet

Session 5B:  Periocular Lesions: Diagnoses and Treatment, Bryan Costin, MD

Session 5C:  COT Written Exam Review Part 1, Beth Koch, COT



Session 6A - Ocular Trauma - Dr. Yuan

Session 6B - You've Got Some Nerve - Amy Jost COMT

Session 6C:  COT Written Exam Review Part 2, Beth Koch, COT



Session 7A - Comparative Ophthalmology: A Look Across Species - Dr. LaFoon MVA

Session 7B - White Dot Syndrome - Dr. Opremcak

Session 7C:  COT Written Exam Review Part 3, Beth Koch, COT


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